Madhusthali Foundation

A Madhusthali Foundation (MF) was established on 2013 in the western region of Nepal Bardiya District to address mental health, suicide prevention, and education and welfare issues. The Foundation will be a collaborative foundation in Nepal, with the shared goals of promoting research, building capacity and advocacy aimed at reducing inequalities in access to care and health outcomes for people affected by Mental, Psychological and physical disorders.


 The strategic objectives of the Madhusthali Foundation are to make mental health a core issue in the Nepal and to improve services and community support for people with mental and physical disabilities and people with mental health and psychological problems. It is one of foundation which work for suicide prevention issues .It also aims to sustain its development through excellent management and high quality fundraising and support has described the main purpose of the Foundation as “to try to mainstream mental health as an issue so it is a core part of everything else”


Current activities

 1. Bindu Memorial scholarships

 This scholarship is established in the memory of our dearest and closest Bindu Gyawali.  Her family established this scholarship in Bindu’s name shortly after her death to memorialize Bindu in an honorable and befitting manner.


Eligibility for scholarship

 Best girl student from Manju Shree Shishu Batika school Suryapatuwa, Bardiya Nepal (recommendation need for this scholarship from teacher group from this school)-2-5


Best school student who mentally or psychologically or physically challenge (recommendation need for this schoorship by community member of Bardiya)-3-6

 Family member (student) who loss there lonest and dearest member by suicide based on recommendation (This scholarship is name as suicide prevention gate   keeper scholarship) -1

 Period of scholarship

 Generally this scholarship provides for 1year but renew of scholarship is possible with written request by student. No. 2 scholarship is possible to renew up to school level finished.


For Donation to raise scholarship Fund



Madhusthali Foundation

Suryapatuwa, 8, Bardiya


 Bijay Gyawali

Higashi Nagasaki 2-11-10,Toshima Ku, Tokyo Japan

(81) 09080547404


Email –









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