Changes in Time Perspectives Resulting from Psychotherapy

New research paper from our team published today in the  journal of pedagogical university of Poland, research mainly discusses about hikikomori (social phobia or social Anxiety) and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) from personal loss as result of Eastern japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

Annales UniversitatisPaedagogicaeCracoviensis

Studia Psychologica VI (2013)

ShinichiSakuma1, Bijay Gyawali,Takiko Kimura*, Chiaki Nishikawa*,Junko Watanabe & Teruchika Katsumata

International University of Health and Welfare GraduateSchool,Tokyo,Japan

* Competence PsychologyCenter,Tokyo,Japan

Changes in Time Perspectives Resulting from Psychotherapy


Constructed for clinical use and based on the concept of the feedback and feed forward systems in“cybernetic-psychology,” the Time Perspective Scale (TPS) was administered to three clients inorder to assess the effects of psychotherapy.Two clients were withdrawn, suffering from a condition known as hikikomori in Japan;the other client was diagnosed with PTSD after suffering a major personal loss as a result of the Eastern Japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011.The TPS was administered at pre-,mid-,and post-interventions.In addition,the Hildreth Feeling-Attitude Scale(F-AScale) and the Kumamoto University Competence Scale(KUCS) were also administered to compare the results of the TPS. Results from the TPS indicated that at the end of the intervention,clients’thoughts were positively focused on the present and the future. Incomparison to their negative thoughts concerning the present and the future during the pre-intervention period, two clients displayed positive feedback regarding the past,and all clients displayed positive thoughts about the present as well as positive feed forward thoughts for the future.Similar to the TPS, the F-A Scale and the KUCS indicated that the clients had more positive and more constructive cognitions after the intervention.Therefore, the TPS is a useful questionnaire for assessing the therapeutic efficacy of the time perspective.

Keywords:Time Perspective Scale, memory therapy, hikikomori, competence


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