Mental Health and Suicide prevention Campaign

In the past few years the trend of residing Nepalese people in foreign countries has been increased. Along with this increment some positive and negative aspects are emerging visibly and invisibly. The improving economic status of the people has standardized their life style. On the other hand, societal transformation towards modernization and individualization has decreased social life and emotional supports which is responsible for their well-being and happiness. Consequently, suicide, mental illnesses and distresses suicide attempt are appearing along with different kinds of physical problems. According to the data of Foreign Employment Promotion Board suicide is the main reason for deaths of Nepalese citizens residing in foreign land. In the last fiscal year; 880 Nepalese worker’s death has been recorded in which 91 people have committed suicide which is 16% more than the previous year. In the past seven years; 337 Nepalese committed suicide in foreign land. More than 50% of people committed suicide in the past two years. In Comparison to Nepalese men very few women work in foreign land and the suicide of women workers is less than men worker. According to the research “migrant workers for employment and their condition” prepared by foreign employment department in the sixth fiscal year; death of 79 women in foreign land is declared in which 26 women dies due to suicide and is 30% in total deaths. Out of total death because of suicide in foreign land 10% are of women. In the last presented data numbers of workers in total is included. The reason of death of students and other people who are living in foreign land is not declared in many cases. Suicide news of those who migrate for proper quality life style and for employment in foreign land is continuously heard these days but no any significant step has been taken till yet to prevent these. The main source of income of our country is remittance. But those people who work hard in foreign land and send money back home is neglected. There is no proper system and process to look after their health. No one is aware of his or her health condition in foreign land.


Mental Health and Suicide prevention Campaign/Trainer

This campaign started in 2011 A.D after witnessing the increasing different problems including mental health and suicide of Nepalese in foreign countries. Clinical psychologist Dr. Bijay Gyawali initiated the campaign and had already organized different programs in various cities of Nepal and Japan. This is a non-profitable organization registered in Nepal. The presumption of mental health problems and suicide free society is the main objectives/motto of this campaign. This campaign works for mental problems and its treatment, mental health and stress management, mental health rehabilitation, training for suicide prevention and psychological first aid (PFA) and so on.

The initiator of this campaign Dr. Bijay Gyawali is clinical psychologist. He has done Ph.D. from Japan. Beside this; he has also received training in Psychotherapy from America and Singapore He has special knowledge of depression, stress management and suicide prevention. Presently he is working  in an International Non- profitable Organization in Japan and as a psychotherapist in a clinic in Tokyo. He is also a researcher in suicide prevention and psychosocial problems management.

Objectives of the Campaign

The main objectives of this campaign is to enhance psychosocial awareness and to assumption of suicide free society. Nepalese migrants in Japan are being increased in the past few years. Different kinds of mental health problems, stress and depression etc. are emerging and rising every year. Suicide of Nepalese in Suicide is occurring frequently. An action-oriented program is essential to be formulated to control the alarming issue of mental health issues and suicide. Thus, this campaign aims to sensitize those migrants about mental health problems and to prevent probable suicide.


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