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नमस्ते ,
मेरो नाम डा. विजय ज्ञवाली हो | म क्लिनिकल मनोबिज्ञ र अकुपन्चरिस्ट हु | मैले जापानबाट बिध्याबारिधि गरेको छु | यस बाहेक पनि अमेरिका र सिँगापुर बाट मैले साइको थेरापीमा तालिम लिएको छु | मैले चिनिया उपचार पद्दतिमा ३ बर्से कोर्स गरेको छु | नेपालमा रहेका थोरै मान्यता प्राप्त अकुपन्चरिस्टमा म पनि पर्दछु | मैले चिनिया उपचार पद्दतिका २ वटा पुस्तक  लेखेको छु | म  डिप्रेसन , तनाब र आत्महत्या रोकथाम बिसयमा बिशेस दखल राख्दछु |हाल म एउटा अन्तरराष्ट्रिय गैर सरकारी सस्थामा सह निर्देशक पदमा कार्यरत छु | साथै टोक्यो स्थित मनोपरामर्स क्लिनिकमा साइको थेरापिस्टको रुपमा कार्यरत छु |


I am Bijay Gyawali,PhD clinical psychologist and acupuncturist from Nepal. I have completed my doctorate research in International University of Health and Welfare Japan on  Mental Health and wellbeing issue. I did 3 years acupuncture course from oriental treatment and cum training center. I am also trained psychotherapist from beck institute; USA for Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) specialized in depression and anxiety. I have done short course on acceptance and commitment therapy from Singapore.

I am an author of two Nepali books  about oriental treatment, acupuncture and moxibustion. I got opportunity to write my view about love in oriental perspective in Bestseller book named The World book of love edited by Leo Bormon. I love writing about mental health and wellbeing issues. Suicide prevention is my intrest  and research area.Currently i am working  in The international humanitarian organization and also private practice in tokyo,Japan .




博士(医療福祉学)。臨床心理士。鍼灸師。2007年に日本語学校生と して来日。国際医療福祉大学博士課程では、紛争後の精神保健やウ ェルビーイングについて研究。自殺防止活動に取り組み、日本や韓 国に住むネパール移民のためにワークショップなど啓発活動を行う。 一般社団法人日本インターナショナル・サポート・プログラム (JISP)のメンバーとして、東日本大震災、熊本大地震、ネパール大 地震、バングラデシュでのミャンマー避難民支援などに従事。ネパ ール語での著書多数。彼の本日本語にも翻訳されています。20218月ネパールに帰国

The 26th international congress of IASP will be held in Beijing, the capital of China through September 13th to 17th, 2011

Acceptence and commitment therapy workshop in Singapore March 2012

6th European Conference on Positive Psychology was held at the World  trade center, Moscow, Russia. 26th to 29th June ,2012

Morita therapy conference in Yokohama Japan

Program organized by Nepal embassy Korea and NCC in busan and Seoul

1st International Conference on Time Perspective. The conference hosted by the Faculty of Psychology and Education of the University of Coimbra (Portugal), the oldest University in Portugal from 5th-8th september 2012

CBT training in BECK institute , USA

World congress of Positive Psychology, Florida ,USA

 Few Activity in Nepali community ( Tokyo)

Nepal Disaster Specialist education Program ,Nepal


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